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An Adaptive Interface that Maps Hand Gestures to Speech
GloveTalkII Graphic A Project by
Sidney Fels

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GloveTalkII is a system that translates hand gestures to speech through an adaptive interface. Hand gestures are mapped continuously to ten control parpameters of a parallel formant speech synthesizer. The mapping allows the hand to act as an artificial vocal tract that produces speech in real time. This gives an unlimited vocabulary in addition to direct control of fundamental frequency and volume. Currently, the best version of Glove-TalkII uses several input devices (including a Cyberglove, a ContactGlove, a three space tracker, and a foot pedal), a parallel formant speech synthesizer, and three neural networks. One subject has trained to speak intelligibly with Glove-TalkII. He speaks slowly but with far more natural sounding pitch variations than a text-to-speech syntesizer.


Initial GTII Vocabulary

The initial Glove-TalkII gesture mapping. (28M)


Sageev Oore saying the alphabet. (20M)


Sageev Oore saying the numbers up to 20. (18M)

Green Eggs and Ham

Sageev Oore reciting part of Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss). (46M)

Row, Row, Row your boat

Sageev Oore singing Row, Row, Row your boat.(10M)

Unrehearsed conversation

Sageev Oore and Sidney Fels in conversation (unrehearsed). (183M)


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Sid Fels

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