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Video Cubism
An interactive video visualization technique
video cube A Project by
Sidney Fels
Kenji Mase
Eric Lee

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Viewing video data along the X-T axis and Y-T axis has appeared in several forms in the literature. The main distinctions this work has is that the cut plane (or cut sphere) used to view the video data can be moved to any angle and position in real-time. This provides an opportunity to interactively explore the video cube from many different angles to get both aesthetically interesting static images as well as motion effects. Currently, a single cut plane or a cut sphere is supported. With the cut plane investigation is like being able to move a window around the video cube to see all sides as well as inside the video data; hence the name video cubism. With the cut sphere, unusual images are seen as a curvature cuts through time and space.


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Video Cubism (avi)

Video - 84M


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PDFbibtexSidney S. Fels and Eric Lee and Kenji Mase. Techniques for Interactive Video Cubism. Proceedings of ACM Multimedia. Pages 368-370. Oct. 2000.

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Sidney Fels

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